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Customer-Support Service – The Role in Telecom-Customer Relationships: A Qualitative Study of Telecom Sector

From the past few years in Sweden telecommunication business has been altered. Earlier when telecom industry was dominant in the market but now it is transformed in to more competitive market with further competitors and provides additional services.

In Sweden TeliaSonera is one of the leading and superior telecommunication providers. Currently TeliaSonera is merged among two large companies such as Telia which was one of the outstanding telecommunication companies in all over Sweden and Sonera is the finish counterpart of Telia. TeliaSonera presently facilitate their customers as well as business customers by proving different communication services such as mobile telephony, mobile broadband, Broadband, fix telephony connection and TV.

Regarding Customer support service the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship among customers and telecommunication service providers, and in this study we emphasize on customer-support service concerning “The Role in Customer Relationships”. Our consideration is to find out the better relationship among telecommunication service providers and their customers. Additionally the role of Telia shop is also studied by taking interviews with Telia customer representative office (CRO) and Telia top management.

Furthermore from theoretical perspective the research has been conducted through current literatures such as customer support service, relationship marketing, dominant logic, customer loyalty, complaining behavior and trigger model. Approximately all of the literatures are specify from customer viewpoint business processes intended for long lasting relationship. We have sufficient information concerning that how to get better and stand long lasting relationship with the customers in future.

For the fruitful outcome we conducted this research by exploratory research method and also conducted interview with the help of open ended questionnaire and our target group was TeliasSonera Top management in Stockholm, manager of TeliaSonera shop in Karlstad city and also from 12 students of Karlstad University. The reason behind this was to know the role of TeliaSonera towards customer-support service as well as their customer experience and perception.

Finally in the end we come up with the conclusion by the help of gathering qualitative information that the effective customer support-service can lead to long lasting relationship among customers and telecom sectors. Furthermore we also came to know in the end that superior quality customer support service assist to create more customers loyalty. That means customer-support service play one of the significant role between telecommunication service provider and customers.
Source: Karlstad University
Authors: Ali, Muhammad Ghazanfar | Hashmi, Khalid

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