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How Do Big European Companies Present Themselves to Attract the Most Talented People

In order to have a clear understanding of the topic breeding and nurturing talents, first I am going to define what breeding and nurturing talent is. The actual meaning of breeding and nurturing talents is to help a person to develop and be successful (Cambridge Dictionary).

How this whole process is going on we have to see which factor and elements are coming in the way of making the person to develop and be successful (Cambridge Dictionary). Some people are born with talent and some people become talented in the process of different techniques and methods. What are the different ways to improve the talent in humans? This is the important question, which I will explain, in my coming pages.

There are few factors, which determine the talent in humans; these are habits, trainings, practices, opportunities and experiences that play a vital role in making the person successful. I tried to find out how European companies find out the most talented people from the market. I studied four big European Companies in my thesis to find out how these big European Companies attract and retain the talented people in their organizations.

In relation to these four big European companies I answered several questions, which I added in my work. I have added several questions to be answered and issues to be discussed in the project literature. This topic is very common nowadays because it applies in every organization and even everywhere in this world.
Source: University of Kalmar
Author: Ali, Faisal

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