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The Delicate Balance of Internet Banking and Bricks and Mortar Offices: A Study on Bank Services Offered in Visby

Internet banking has an impact on banking performance as well as customer’s daily life. Customers are getting more used to use Internet banking services because the Internet is so popular and common available, it is more Continue reading

Talent Management & Strategy: Identifying Patterns through a Multiple Case Study

Exploring the Talent Management literature to understand the importance of Talent Management to strategy and the role the view on talent plays in consideration to Talent Management.

The purpose of this thesis is to increase the empirical research on Talent Management to enable a creation of a conceptual framework.

A multiple case study approach was taken, as 11 companies from diverse industries, sizes, backgrounds etc. was studied in order to gain a broader picture on the research topic. Furthermore, qualitative data collection method was used and main source of empirical data was interviews conducted with HR professionals of each case company.

The empirical findings indicated there to be a relationship between the strategy and the view on talent. There was further an indication that this relationship has an effect on the focus of the Talent Management activities.
Source: Linköping University
Authors: Aarnio, Annika | Kimber, Ellen

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Auditor Client Relationship and Audit Quality: the Effects of Long-term Auditor Client Relationship on Audit Quality in SMES

Different scandals around the globe during the past, in specific during the last decade, have intrigued the stakeholders to question the roles of both auditors and management. But most of the fingers since then have been raised on the Continue reading